Features 2720 available from Riesterer & Schnell Inc., WI

  • 31.4 horsepower
  • Isolated Yanmar TNV diesel engine features lower levels of exhaust and emissions
  • Standard four-wheel drive axle for extra traction in slick conditions and increased drawbar pull
  • Standard differential lock with on-the-go-engagement for additional traction whenever it is needed

  • Foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission. Twin Touch™ foot controls allow selecting both speed and direction of travel with a touch of the toe. Ideally suited for jobs where productivity is a must, such as loader or mower applications
  • To deliver power to rear implements, the tractor features a fully independent 540-rpm rear power take-off (PTO); this rotating shaft provides power to implements such as rotary cutters, rotary tillers and more
  • A 2100-rpm independent mid-pto is also included for conveniently powering a mid-mounted mower or front-mounted equipment
  • Hydrostatic power steering ensures easy and steady turns; wet-disk brakes give smooth and sure stops
  • Cruise control is standard equipment

  • Sloping hood design provides improved visibility
  • Plenty of room for comfortable operation
  • Step-through operator station makes getting on and off the tractor easy
  • Fender-mounted handrails, large and easy to grab, assist you when getting on and off the tractor
  • High-backed contoured seat is suspended for added operator comfort
  • Operator controls are color-coded for easier identification

  • Auto-bleed fuel system - if tractor runs dry, just refuel and restart
  • Air intake heater cold starting aid provides quick starts in temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit; optional engine coolant heater attachment will assist starting under more extreme conditions

  • Roll-Gard™ ROPS rollover protective structure and seat belt are standard equipment to protect you in the event of a tractor tip-over; the ROPS structure meets ASAE, SAE, and OSHA standards
  • Enhanced operator presence system allows for simpler out-of-seat PTO operation; however, the engine will shut down if you leave the seat when the transmission or mid-PTO is engaged

  • Category 1 3-Point Hitch is standard for quick hookup of 3-point hitch implements
  • Optional iMatch™ Quick Hitch provides easy hookup and a guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements that are designed to meet the ASAE Category 1 Standard S278.6 for quick-attach hitches